Hello!  I’m Lucy, and I’ve loved craft ever since I was a little girl.  I finally bought myself a sewing machine in 2008, shortly after my first daughter was born, and haven’t stopped sewing since.  My interests range from sewing garments for myself and my children, through avoiding fixing my husband’s clothes, to designing and making quilts and patterns to sell.

One of the quilts currently available in my shop
One of the quilts currently available in my shop

I sew because I love creating something from scratch, whether that’s a cocktail dress or a baby blanket.  For me, quilts are the ultimate in practical beauty.  All around the world and for centuries past, people have made the most amazing quilts out of the supplies available to them.  In honour of the thrifty traditions of early quilt-makers, I always try to use every scrap of fabric from my yardage, whether that’s all in one quilt or by making mini or scrappy quilts from the remnants.  Every quilt I make is an original design, and I love working through the stages of design, from initial idea to binding a finished quilt.

Vintage Quilt
I love vintage quilts for inspiration, like this one with its simple piecing and gentle colour scheme.

I would describe my style as ‘modern vintage’ (I know, you can wear out a phrase, can’t you…), which to me means using traditional techniques and designs but always keeping things fresh.

If you feel like talking (I love to talk!), please email me at lucy@barricadesofheaven.com, or connect via Instagram or Facebook.

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “hi!

  1. Hi Lucy – fabulous blog to read and inspire me again, thank you
    Your M says you’ve a problem with the tension on the Singer – have you checked the needle – there might be a tiny burr at the end and that could be the reason Sarah xxx


    1. Ooh thanks, will have a look at that! Should probably have changed the needle but I’m lazy… Cheers! X


    1. Cheers Pen! It’s just a sneaky excuse to do more sewing, as now I HAVE to have done something so I can blog it 🙂


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