Scrappy Log Cabins, and a new website coming soon!

red-and-white-log-cabin-quilt-blocksAfter being ill before Christmas, and really lacking in energy for a couple of weeks, since the New Year rolled around I’ve managed to fit in a load of time sewing.  I’ve actually completed one of my #2017makenine garments and started another, but I’ll wait until it stops raining and I can take pictures before I start bragging about that…

I’ve also been making these cute little log cabin blocks, which are pretty labour-intensive but seem quicker if you do them in batches.  I’ve made nine so far, which would make a teeny-tiny quilt, so I’m going to keep plugging away for a while and see what i get up to once I run out of red and white scraps.


In other news, I am ploughing through setting up my new blog/website.  It’ll mean a(nother) change of name, but I’ve been working towards it for a while and finally hit on something I’m happy with.  Now that I’m setting up an online store as well as a personal sewing blog, both of which I hope to grow in the future, I wanted a name which would be suitable for both, without being too ‘pigeonhole’y at this stage, when I’m still unsure where I’ll end up with it all.

So, coming soon (in a couple of weeks) will be ‘Turner’s Cloth’, a new self-hosted website, where I’ll be blogging and developing my shop from now on.  It’s a steep learning curve at the moment, but I am slowly getting somewhere!  I apologise to anyone who follows my blog’s Facebook page, where I’ve been changing names and logos left right and centre.  This is probably really confusing and irritating, so sorry!  Everything will be straightened out, linked up and made consistent over the next few weeks.

Anyway, there’s a bit of an explanation, which will also explain any radio silence over the next couple of weeks!

Take care!


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